Ascension: A Poem

by Jasmyne K. Rogers

Caught a glimpse of your soul and I liked that.
Connected, spiritually rising.
The feeling is so bold so I fight back.Vocal expression is lessened but it doesn't matter because my soul offers its own confession.
You know that.
You peeped it.
My eyes showed that there was a brewing emotion inside but will you find it worth seeking?
You read the depths of my silence like I was literally speaking.
Figuratively speaking, you make my mind dance.
Cognition jiggin'.
Thoughts on romance dancing to a slow groove.
When your presence is present, I get into an "Erykah Badu" mood because your energy feels so damn good to me. 
I lose speech. 
Words are irrelevant when your soul speaks. 
My eyes shift because the feeling is so bold. 
A simple hi breeds a spiritual high. 
Connected, spiritually rising.
The uniting and ascension of souls.