By Olivia Travis//

I probably should have been listening
when you wandered into the kitchen
to tell me what I did wrong--
this time

but I couldn’t stop thinking about that gnat I’d seen
and how it must be dancing all over my meatloaf
by now
and how come there’s gnats anyhow
when it’s nearly November?
Is it this unseasonably warm weather,
do you think, 
or those bananas you bought
at the market today
and I wish we argued less.

 I would so much rather:
             curl into the warmth of the small of your back

than be right. 

Olivia Travis is a Cleveland bred, New York based playwright, poet, and screenwriter. Her works have been showcased as part of the Renegade Reading Series, featured in literary publications including Surgam and TINY, and produced on the stages of Columbia University and the Tony Award winning Cleveland Playhouse. When she’s not writing, Olivia can be found devouring true crime documentaries and bread.