My Black is Beautiful

 photo PrettyBlackwomanwithbeautifuleyeslaysonthegrass.jpg
My Black has been viewed as both wretched and wicked

Through the socially constructed eyes filled with despise and demise

My Black to them looked less like a butterfly and more of the appearance of a cricket

To them, my Black had flaws

Bold lines that never intertwined with the shapes they were trying to create

Never the muse for the artistic brains of the world

And never the inspiration behind scholarly debate

But I knew differently…

I knew my Black had the whip appeal of 10,000 sharp tongues

I knew my Black was more stunning than the silent moon and the loud sun

I knew my Black had the dimensions to shape masterpieces that had never been seen

I knew my Black was neither harsh nor mean but could gleam

See, when you know your Black, you know its beauty

You know the reality of its regal nature

You see the eyes staring before they are even in your direction

You see how it makes the most intriguing connection

When you know your Black, you know its power

My Black has always been beautiful…since the first clock held an hour…

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-Lauren Bealore