Deep Stroke

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I'm attracted to layers
What I see is not always all I want
So why should that be all I get?
Be careful of what you give
Because I'm cautious about what I take
I'm selective
I prefer what's not easily seen
Take me on a journey through your passions
Paint me a picture of your dreams
Brush strokes
Let me in on the secrets of your interior
I refuse to believe the bulk of your beauty resides in the exterior
Regardless of how stunning your appearance,
I want to penetrate the space between your thoughts
Where the intricate threads of your essence are intertwined with
Your fears
I want to see the patterns of your struggles
Every victory
Every defeat
Show me you, complete
Lead me to a cliff, so I can dive deep into your moral ocean
And swim around with your values and beliefs
Breast stroke
Forget religion,
Let your spirituality arouse my spirit
Individuals, yet mutual agencies
From the beating thing in our chests
Rhythms so divine
Jolts of vibrations
So in sync
I can't tell if blood is being pumped from your heart or mine
Plasma, platelets
Red blood cells
White blood cells
Surging through your veins as if
Every organ, tissue, cell
Is in need of my oxygenated presence.
Every inch of your being creates a map
To a treasure chest
Pots of gold

With flashbacks of your childhood
Premonitions of your future
Entanglements of your present
I'm trying to go in deep,
Deep enough to make sure you're worth it
To make sure we "click"
I have to see the whole you,
Before I experience parts of you
Mental stimulation
Spiritual euphoria
Double strokes
Show me your worst
And your best
I'm attracted to complexities
Our souls have to mesh
Just understand
You have to deep stroke
Way before we simply
Have sex. ♥
- Manessa Riser

Manessa Riser writes at The Changing Ink