Trigger Warning: A Poem

by Khadijah Johnson

Trigger Warning
Subjects that have anxiety or suicidal thoughts / May suffer from but are not limited to:
Knife appreciation / Blood sampling/ Fluttery migraines / Gory flashbacks and / In extreme cases:
Rope burns

Trigger warning
Not all subjects who suffer from rope burns live long enough
To tell the story.
If subject claims to
From rope burns
Check for vital areas
In which rope burns may be fatal
Common areas include:
In order to promote circulation
Make subject believe that their life is worth living.
Tell subject that things will get better
Hand them a bible
Steer them away from the pills
And hide all sharp objects in the venue.
If said subject looks clever
Separate them from jewelry such as earrings
And other small valuable objects.
Subject wants you to believe that there isn't more than 1000 ways to die
Subject already occupied with the suffocating feeling of life.
Any metal components just inspires subject even more.

Trigger Warning
from the
appearance of
deja-vu. Yet the most
Is a palindrome
Further proving that no matter
How you
Hang from
The noose,
Is still
The same.

Trigger Warning
If suicide is never the answer
Then why is it that no matter how long you argue with a dead body
It always maintains its composure?
Dead body can't lie
Can’t disrupt you mid sentence
Can't even make a snarky comeback
Quite frankly
Dead body doesn't remember how it got this way
Just knows it is a corpse attempting to find its purpose in the soil it lays in

Trigger Warning
Be honest
Even you wonder what happens after death
but you're not brave enough to find out.

Photo: Shutterstock

Khadjiah Johnson is a Brooklyn native writer that uses her work as a platform to empathize and uplift. Through her work she hopes to spread good energy, and light to those who suffer from traumatic situations and is a firm believer in a bit of laughter a day, pushes the depression away.