You Were Just Supposed to Be: A Poem

by Jennifer Asiedu

You were just supposed to be for my body
Enticed by the tantalizing passion growing between
What would become of you and me
Never expecting our "us" to become a "we"
A selfish kind of interest sparked by simple physical attraction
But more of you became satisfying
Engaging my mind to take in more than just what meets the eye
Encouraging my soul to crave for those conversations that could produce no definite end

See, I gave you what in my mind was a four day stay
A charming fling of desires fulfilled by a spine-tingling enthrallment of overnight visits
Prolonging that vacation to a getaway resort of complete satisfaction
However, more and more of me was getting hooked
As if you cast your rod specifically so I could/would get caught (up)
Dangerously embarking further in this simple lust, finding more interest than imagined before

You were just supposed to be for my body
Now dependent upon that physical need, my body would cry for yours on nights missed
Appointments, scheduled visits, and work days
Call-outs, promises of the next installment
See, nothing was becoming enough
Awakened by a playful relationship of cat and mouse
Falling a little more deeply, growing closer to something that could still not be defined.
Yet never giving up of everything I knew I could lose because...
You were just supposed to be for my body
Trust, love, and hope were out of the question
My heart was committed and contracted to take no part of you
I knew better
I know better than to let that get away
A vulnerability I could control and lock away from the powerful eight and some inches of your persuasive glory
But now my mind is confused, mixing my wants and needs
Allowing myself to get away more than expected.
I've let you creep and capture two forbidden keepsakes.
More than just an endearing hook-up, booty call or kick-it
Slipping, falling, damn near jumped from the intended mission of what was supposed to be a temporary fix.
See, you were just supposed to be for my body
But now it seems you may have become something more
Meta-morphed into a vision of promise
Deepening a connection from the shallow expectations, truly not having expected anything at all, yet resulting in way more.
You are more than what my body could have asked for
And now I'm not sure what more I should seek,
because you were just supposed to be for my body...
But these growing feelings are reaching its peak.

Photo: Shutterstock

Jennifer Asiedu is an elementary school teacher who dabbles in art and writing.