The Heralds of Trumpets: A Poem about the Sovereignty of Black Women

by Courtney Gambrell

She will command the heralds of trumpets
The boldness of her presence initiates dynasties
Marks of her queenship burrows through insolence and blusters past indigence
Trombones blare in the wake of her walk
Her breath whispers through teeth ever-silent when she sighs
Afraid to summon the thunder
Only to allow her voice to rival that of the heavens

Her garbs are majestic, although
She has no use for that which hinders the scintillation of her glory
Lustrous like brass knuckles on stainless steel
Celestial stardust sprinkles hope upon her brow
Her cheeks collect them one by one
She is magic!
Now you see her...
Abracadabra is her signature

Tempests know nothing of her rage
Hell hath no fury like...
Her whirlwind is worse than her bite
She will liquefy your false perceptions of her in an instant!
Irrigating your ignorance
Emulsifying your need to even understand your own salty tears
After all has calmed
But she will cradle you
In the safety of her freedom
To be fully woman and high priestess
Countess of the cosmos and goddess among man
Her liberty often intimidates
Although she inspires the springtime
She giveth and she taketh away

She mandates justice in her courtroom of her domicile
Demanding for her authority be challenged!
Her honor endowed by the decree of wisdom
Her stature is uncompromised
Her subjects shutter in her absence
When the gavel pierces the gaiety, lacerating the lackadaisical
All must to come to order

She will orchestrate the heralds of trumpets
The symphony of her smile enamors children
The jurisdiction of her touch knows no boundaries
Her empire is proof of her expertise and the craft of her womanhood
Her declaration of supremacy unfolds like red carpets.

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Courtney Gambrell has been writing poems for four years. She is a first-generation college student who graduated from Immaculata University with a dual degree in May 2014. She is currently pursuing a master's degree from Villanova University. She enjoys participating in local poetry events in the Greater Philadelphia region.