by Nakida Zuri

The three winged sparrow
her flight is shaky, fast, glorious
There is gold inside her beak
entwined in her feathers
two hearted, beating red
rare bird, unequivocal
Her wings bear scars, secrets
She dreams in her nest
Singing spells
the three winged sparrow,
Listen to her song
A calm
A emergency
A song for the buried
this is dedicated to the wild woman
With a fire in her belly
A thunderstorm in her throat
A snakes tongue
Whose roar goes ignored
She has been told her will is undisciplined
Arms covered in hieroglyphics
Pupils dilated by the world
Needing to consume
Take it all in, and recreate herself over, and over again.

Photo: Shutterstock

Nakida Zuri is a Chicago Southside girl, full of love, stones, and roses. She writes to say what she can't communicate. You can find her on Tumblr at zuriallseeing.tumblr.com.