Summer Baby

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

by Liza Ellen

Summer Baby,
Your Father lives 93 million miles away
still he loves me and my hue
when we made love
his desire was my color for you
So we tossed back and forward
through this galaxy and time
to create our first child a daughter
whose skin looked like mine

He was bashfully smitten
by our beautiful baby girl
a union of me
and his sun drenched world

With skin bronze brown
like fertility
full of the rainbow and life
all of colors possibility

From our color-full daughter
of earth and sun
would be birthed
hue for everyone

From deep ebony blue brown
to soft smooth tan
to pink milky white
in colder lands

Hair that sits like a cloud
with curls deep space black
to red fire spirals
jumping down backs

We smile when we see
our daughters dance
we laugh when you think
you’re happenstance

We made you on purpose
life-brown like me
Full of every option
a hueman can be

Please remember Daddy loved you
since your very first day
and that he can still touch you
from so far away

Summer Baby,
When your brown deepens, remember then
that’s your proud Daddy
kissing your skin.