Black Pearl

by Alice Faye Duncan

No silver platter
No diamond tiara
But she is proud
Black… bold… and beautiful
Like a Dahomey warrior
Her shoulders square
Her head held high
She is often pioneer
A woman of many firsts
A true American treasure
A precious black pearl
She is somebody’s
Courageous mama
Or sister… auntie… cousin
She is somebody’s
Very special daughter
Yes… she is the one
Who has forged her own way
And paved her own path
In the midst of grief and struggle
Through thunderstorms and tears
Time after time… SHE IS THE ONE
Who stands rooted through the ages
Bending but unbroken
She is… proud… poised… woman
From the… past… present… always
She is… a precious black pearl.

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

Alice Faye Duncan is a Memphis librarian and author.