W.O.R.D.: Woman of Remarkable Distinction

by Kwyn Townsend Riley

I am becoming a woman

That switches her legs

And has a certain sway in her hips

That is As smooth as Carmel on a sundae cone

That boys will not be able to handle, only a man

My lips will feel like the warmth of ten thousands wax candles on a starry night

But they are only right for one person

Or can be used to heal the right person

But contain words of wise thoughts, wise cracks, for any one applicable

My body is equipped

To endure the pain of loved ones who cant endure pain for loved ones

To withstand storms created only by Mother Nature herself

To maintain during menstrual cycles of men and their cycles

To remain when everything else is lost

With hips to distract from angry days

To hold on to when life seems to drag you away

And to attract when that one guy who knows he wants to stay with me

I am becoming a W.O.R.D.

Not the H one, B one, S one, W one

But the right one

But a w.o.r.d.

A woman of remarkable distinction

Distinct for a reason

You see I love being a Woman

I have the body that is responsible for civilizations


Kings, Queens, Presidents, and my descendants

My back

Was molded with the strength of a elephant

To hold when giving birth to pure gold

Love that you can hold

A baby

My heart is as strong as a lions but as soft as cotton

But perplex

See my love is tough

I can be the damsel in distress but sometimes I know how to rescue myself

As A Woman

I am powerfully beautifully made to survive

So go ahead ask If I am okay

And if I say I am fine

That may mean I am crying on the inside

But do not worry because

Women bend but we do not break

Life only gets easier because we get stronger

Women adapt

We understand that rainbows only come after rain

So pain only lasts for a little while

So we smile

We laugh

We are cheerful, proud, and dependable

Even though it may not seem like we are always a necessity

But even Obama said that Michelle brings out the best in me

So I am proud to be a Woman in a Man’s world

I am proud to be a W.O.R.D.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com