Mars on Earth

by Antonia Perdu

Questions for the quest.

It was the early afternoon when the rain came down on a red Mississippi road making dust dance. It was hypnotizing and eerie. I envisioned Mars swollen with love and red rivers running rampant. It was 'the epoch and the infinite.' At first it was warm, gentle, and embracing then it turned cold, virulent, and unyielding. My garments were being attacked as if it were against the wills of nature to be clothed. Have I upset those beyond the stars in that purple matter?

The winds picked up and I'm sure it moaned, "I want to touch your soul and restore heaven."

I began to think that it was all in my head. Could I be so special as to communicate with the unseen forces? Which then brought me to the thought that if it was all in my head that maybe a galaxy existed there also. There would be alien regions of my own self yet to be discovered. Galaxies beyond galaxies so far away from each other that I would reach them in different lifetimes. Maybe I obtained specific information that could only be deciphered upon the timeline in a specific sequence yet no algorithm or rules could break it down in simpler terms. The unknown wishes to remain unknown because it reveals itself in a dark moment of existing. This makes me question why I exist and realize that I do in fact exist. It also makes me question if I am being controlled by some other; just a mere hologram. I question being an 'Eva-borg, one altered to such an extent that becomes cybernetic in nature, yet still retaining a soul-matrix,' and then I jump back in my skin. I am energy in a storm on a journey with an empty map and no rules wearing flesh I have known for 24 years.

In my excitement and terror, I questioned myself before the universe, "Had I known this would happen, would I have avoided the journey or stayed committed to it?"

In all my waking life, I knew rain, but I never knew a rain like this. The sky that accompanied this rain looked like butterscotch swirled with crimson clover. I'm walking into forever and nowhere. Is that where the future lives? Nowhere? The past was somewhere. The present is everywhere 360 degrees. Does that make it infinite?

Trees began to bend from the weight of a rain full of life. It would not die so easily for it had a million messages to deliver. The road turned into a small river. I was sure to turn back, but I had already come so far and the water already invaded my boots. There was no shelter in this wild. I will keep going. Mirages of caves appeared with ominous undertones that told me to stay away unless I wanted to be away forever. A loud crashing sound and bright flash of light awakened me from my waking dream just as a large tree fell just ahead of me. So much for trying to forecast what nature intends to do. Then, the sound of rushing water from behind. Like skeletons rattling in the closet, imagine the past trying to catch up with you and in a way assist you in your journey. I ran towards the tree as waves hit the ground creating a flood that did not seem possible, yet I question everything so anything is indeed possible. It is either the odds or the evens that tend to get misunderstood. They are disguised as myth, or they rest in the lower spheres of the subconscious mind, or weaved in a space on that spectacular DNA structure. As soon as this big wave of water gets within three feet of my being, everything changes. The water is gone, there is no wet red clay in sight. The butterscotch sky is now a hue of cyan with calm clouds. Lush green fields and trees rising to the sun, not like those defeated by the rain. My clothes are dry and I am here. Where is here? Where is here?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock