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by Jacqueline Michael Whatley

Silence obstructed in manic fashion
Obscenities resonating from strained vocal chords with reckless abandon

Echoing down the long halls of public school corridors
Penetrating through the concrete foundations of densely populated LA school yards

Vainglorious and proud
Curses surge from the profane spouts that are their mouths

LAPD sirens are drowned out by their defiance
On 90 degree afternoons they will fight and risk their lives 

To right the wrongs clearly stated or implied
By other stubborn man children with pseudo pride

They assemble themselves in circles outside
And with forceful fingers they gouge out eyes

With tightly clenched fists 
They throw punches at pursed lips
Until teeth are missing or badly chipped

Engaging in this brutal violence because they’ve got egos to protect
Weary eyed juveniles 
With muscular bodies and depleted spirits

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