Frolicking Girl

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Frolicking girl
Laid gently on puddled roses
Crashes on its green thorns

Frolicking girl
Weeps jolly crimson fruit
Both lanky arms grasping for open sky
Skys says
“yo fault”
Sky says
“ain’t no problem o’mine”
Sky says “yo done done this alone
Cause you all alone
And I don’t give out no loans”
Sky says
“Not to no black loose chick.
I only give ‘em to special girls”

Mangled girl
Both lanky arms grasping for open sky
Gets grimy shoulders
Sweaty backsides
Pointy hatred
And fingers tasting
Of 100-too-many crimson fruit

He chewed it often
Even swallowed the seeds

He whispers
“je t’aime mon cherie”
So he climbs
Plucking that poor fruit

Mangled girl
Oh mangled girl

Village people,
Say you are grown now

-Kadijah Ndoye