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Life held too much monotony
And I'd lost self
Remembering the young lady I was
Almost forgetting to acknowledge the woman Id become
Tedious days spent at desk
Paperwork like clockwork
There’s always so much paperwork
I’m about to lose my shine
Organization built from the seed of my own mind
I water it frequently
So much so until the monotony of it all
Consumed. me
Who was I?
Long gone was the radical college girl
Sitting debating Kant
Thinking I could remove myself from the existential...
Defending feminist theory..
Id begun living my studies
Because life gets real when classes end.
Self enlightened
Monotony almost stole my shine
Fire damned near extinguished from my eyes
Id lost myself
Who am I?
Days spent, nights spent
Trying to sum up years lived
Pushing 30
Who am I
I’m me, Danielle
An authentic blend of
Queens before me
And until I can define myself
I’m going to just be
Skipping the monotony
Because it's beginning to bore me
Guess it's time for a change

-Danielle Allen

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