Soul Cord

 photo African-American-mother-and-baby.jpg
by Tai'sha Gooden

Each time I look

into your eyes, I see

Every color of the kaleidoscope

Every flower of the summer

Every ray of the sun…

Your life radiated through me

282 days of evolution

I sustained you

Maintained you

Ushered you into this world

and released you into your own realm.

My hands are like a potter’s

Molding and shaping you

into a beautiful and defined creation

All my work is volunteer

Hoping you will pay it forward in the future.

My heart is an open field

Bold, undulating love with no bounds

Unadulterated and lively

Serene and overwhelming.

Your future is light

Brilliant and sweeping

Gorgeously anticipated

Resilient and fruitful.

I hope our soul cord

is never severed.

I want our time to be extensive

and purposeful

And our love to be legendary.

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