My Sister, She.

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by Jasmyne K. Rogers

My sister, she ain’t heavy
Rather start a revolution and unite our community than to be petty
Overwhelmed with mundane and catty thangs
I’d rather help my sister figure out what makes her soul sing
I’d rather figure out how to make our lives better
I’d rather not idolize superficial relationships
I’d rather learn what helped Mrs. Lucy and Mr. Odell
Spend 50 years together.

My sister, she ain’t trivial,
She bends and mends worlds with her eyes
And conjure pure magic with her complex mind
Her love calms storms
Heals wounds
Inspire music
Eradicates darkness
Strengthens beings
Births generations
Heightened conversations on the front porch
Sipping sun tea with womenfolk at the center of community
My sister, her love is evolved art.

My sister, she is light
Power embedded in her fiery soul
I’d rather continue the revolution with her
Unite our community
And dismantle that which is petty
My sister, she is helping me to claim
The beautiful and profound thangs
That makes this passionate soul of mine sang
My sister, she and her heightened conversations on the front porch
are the stories, lived and learned experiences of Black women, embedded in the basement of my mind
stories that have the power to calm storms
heal wounds
inspire music
eradicate darkness
strengthen beings
birth generations.

My sister, she ain’t just alright to me,
My sister, she has the power to be,
My sister, she
Is also me.
We embody what is all-good.
We exude beauty, intellect, and the revolutionary strength of

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Jasmyne K. Rogers is a graduate of Georgia State University and native of Wilcox County, Alabama. She thoroughly enjoys writing soul stories that reflect our history, culture, and progression. She is an editor for The Jeli and contributing writer for NU Tribe Magazine. Her work has been featured on For Harriet, My Black Matters, Ayiba Magazine, and Nia Magazine. Connect with her on Twitter: @poetic_jaszy.