Global Warning (Warm Hands, Cold Hearts): A Poem About Environmental Racism

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by Nikita Bailey Funches

I am not truly worried about the weather
the attuned migration patterns for birds of a feather
the growing stance of the seas, these hardly I fret
I am more concerned about the world’s conclusion for things we don’t seem to regret
vast iniquities, idolatry, greed, hate, abuse and murder are too common altogether

The winds blow stronger as humans, acts and thoughts, perverse
perverse ideologies and cultural incentives are our biggest curse
curse; we are haunted by the doom that we set
set by misgivings and sinister ploys; we belie nature as our biggest threat
the effects of regressed humanity, dignity, compassion, love, and generosity to our environment have been uniformly adverse

As humans fail for their neighbors to love; for whom to care
surprisingly not, our great indifference to vanishing artic ice and the consequence on the polar bear
we and us is growingly lost to the lighter pursuit of I
the world is for sale; every day I think of all the things I want to buy
need to buy, must buy. For $29.95 I can look younger, be thinner, get society rewarding skin of fair or thicker hair.

Consumerism - over consumption and waste; globalization; industrialization; Trans-Pacific Partnership; inequality; greed; displacement; oppression; poverty; pollution - what is the connection? What might be inferred?

I would perhaps be more inclined to engage in an analytical method of discovery to formulate questions, answers, conclusions and consequences of which I might have then conferred, if the instruction and application of critical thinking at my low tiered inter-city school had occurred.

Daycare or car note; food or medication; water or heat?

When exactly am I suppose to worry about Seattle’s boiling conditions in December, when I can’t get my ends to meet?
I don’t have the time or the luxury to be rightly green – stuck I am in a hamster's wheel
The used leaky gas-guzzler, based on my budget and credit, made for the best up-front deal
now I struggle to fill up the tank –it’s my weekly feat; the most fuel efficient, hybrid and electric cars are for the conscientious well qualified; the willing elite

The poor are not cutting down carbon dioxide absorbing trees for large homes, rather an estate
but what good is a mansion without a home theater, bowling alley, aquatic center, full basketball and
tennis court along with a twenty-four hour guarded gate?
yet, we’ll call upon the world’s poorest populations to pay everyone’s fare
while the well to do continue to use fifty times perhaps their resource share
Discriminatory world population control schemes; reproductive choice is the illusive theme;
urge and celebrate the “special” to marry and grandly procreate;
for selected others, insistently provide tools to help lower or cease their birth rate.

We are becoming, in many ways, a divided nation – a divided world of the needy and the greedy;
the abominably poor, the indefensibly rich; those massively with and those starving and dying without
As we continue to experience drought, we will become strained even more so due to crops that won’t grow; seeds that fail to properly sprout
Gross income and wealth inequality, scarcer resources, higher demands,
watch food and milk prices rise.
Can’t afford fruits and vegetables, soda-two for one, can I get that meal super-size?

Genetically engineered, pesticides and junk food for those already compromised; obesity, neurological disorders unexplained, health deterioration, untreated decay
can’t afford to go to the dentist or doctor – not even the co-pay
Profit over people; dollars over dignity; reward the rich, penalize the poor - we are becoming so ethically and morally low
We glamorize slum living, materialism and the “it’s all about me” attitude – have you ever seen
a reality show?

This all matters – really, everything is intertwined, that’s how it was designed. It can’t be said that one thing does not in its bearing inform the other
Intrinsically we are who we are by way equally of the father and the mother
God’s natural world order and nature are connected, it is clear the two are related
It is not one, but both that are working in unison dysfunctional, disjointed, discombobulated

In truth it is not nature’s but God’s wrath that I dread – loss of his favor, severe I fear, his reprimand
Nature is but a lowly act of God - called to serve upon his command
In this new modern unconventional world, I realize my views are considered antique
We are a nation that believes in God only after tragedies; uncertainties with war; when we feel weak – our outlook bleak
When we are strong, with resources we pontificate as scientists that his word doesn’t add up; 1+1+1 must equal three we announce and nothing more are we willingly to see, to understand

This is sounding a little too preachy which curiously was not the intent
as a vehicle it seems I have used my phrases here just a bit to vent
In all I stand by the premise that global warming is all a part of God’s plan
Instead of worrying in isolation about the earth’s rising temperature, we need to be better to each other and help our fellow man
In caring for the latter as was meant, we will learn how to care for the former – a natural consequent

So you see,
I am not overly worried about the weather, the attuned migration patterns for birds
the diminishing vegetation and forage for herds
nor the growing stance of the seas

I am more concerned about the world’s demise on account of our questionable values; how we treat each other; and how we care for the ‘least of these.’

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Nikita Bailey Funches loves creative writing. Most of her personal writings are poetry and prose. Now a stay at home mother, she is writing more, exploring and experimenting in the art of writing and seeking opportunities to publish her work.