My Sister, Not My Competition: A Poem

by Aries J.

You are my sister and not my competition
We might have different mothers
But we are cut from the same tree
I am not your competition
Either walk with me or
Move out of my way
Extend your hand
Can I trust you to carry me?
My sister, don’t block me
Cause we are headed in the same direction
Don’t put me on a pedestal
Cause what is in me is in you
You are a mirror for me
When we remove our makeup
We reveal our true nature
You are just like me
You are my sister and not my competition
Imagine what we could do together
If we put our pride to the side

And as corny as it sounds, sing kumbaya
We got different mothers
But sprouted from the same seed
Being a Black woman is hard enough
Even harder with my sister hating and riding me
Let's return to our true nature
You never see a tulip trying to compete with a rose
They both possess different gifts and beauty
When you win, I win
Stop trying to compete with me
You are my sister, we both bleed
Different paths
Same direction
Different speeds
We are sisters that come from the same seed
Together we shall proceed
We are different fruits but still grow on trees
You are my sister and not my competition

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Aries J. the poet is a self published author, freelance writer, and Artistic Freedom Fighter. Aries weaves prose, proverbs, and cultural narratives into beautiful master pieces that provoke thought and inner reflection. She dares to be vulnerable in her writing as she shares the beauty and pain of being alive in this time.