An Alternative to Drowning: A Poem

by Ashanti Hardy

Drowning, verb, the act of dying through submersion in water. 
Most people drown in waters that are unfamiliar. 
However, many women have found themselves submerged in waters produced by their own bodies.
Old books say that tears are weakness leaving the body. 
But for these women, the waters that have engulfed them feel more like flood water and I've never heard anyone refer to a flood as weak. 

A few facts about flooding. 
Floods can engulf a home.
Can increase the risk of fire.
Can dehydrate a city.
No one underestimates the power of a woman until they have seen her drown.
But we know all too well the strength of flood waters.
For all the tears that have left the bodies of women this year and lead them to believe that they were drowning, there is too much strength in the water for you to choose submersion.
From this point on, you will choose to float.
Float, verb, to be buoyant.
Let the strength of these waters carry you to higher ground.
No one will underestimate the power of a woman once they have seen her float.

Photo: Shutterstock

I am a 20 year old student attending Georgia Southern University. Writing has saved me time and time again. I am privileged enough to be born in an era where I can speak and write freely, why not let the world witness history in the making?