Delusions of Grandeur

by Angela Souza

I scoff at the
Notion of
Delusions of grandeur
As if to suppose
That we aren't grandiose beings
You may see a cub
But in my heart
I'm a lion
In my head
I'm resplendent
How dare you think
That it's delusional
For me
Not to think
Any less of me?
I wish that
These delusions
Were ubiquitous
That more of us had
The Audacity
To believe
That we are grandiose beings
Who are
Capable of magnificent things
'Til then, let the

Photo: Shutterstock

Angela Souza is passionate about the healing ability of storytelling through writing. She exercises this passion through her own writings, which include poetry, essays, and a marriage blog that offers advice to newlyweds. You can find more of her work at Love Notes by Jazzymae Photography. Angela is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She received her B.A. in Sociology and Religious Studies from Case Western Reserve University in 2010. She resides there with her two beautiful sons, Noah and Ezra, and husband Omari.