Ode to Imhotep: A Tribute to Medicine

by Ashley Thomas

I wish I could paint you
But even Da Vinci in prime could not craft your image in adequate proportion with
Your greatness
See it’s taken me some time to contemplate this
To quiet the voices of all but my heart and the cardiac speech remains the same

A one worded utterance of your exquisite name:
I await the moment that meet you
So that I might be swept off my feet in realms beyond my dreams
Because our union would create magic more radiant than sun beams
And I would stand speechless
For my spirit bursting with the fulfillment of your presence would overwhelm my mortal being and I enamored by your essence
Could find comfort in silence
At my surrendered voice, I offer my hands
Praying the Divine will grant me the gift of your legacy
And if She in all Her glory believes I am unready
I bow my head gracefully
Eyes engorged with tears
Fills ocean with humility
I’d jump in head- first overtaken by the waves
Drowned in submission knowing with certainty
That when my body meets the shore--
I will be deemed worthy
To mirror your art and heal a nation
I would dance with you
And make envious the stars and constellations
For even they have not seen a light so beautiful
And bright and bold and true
So my dear Imhotep, I offer you this love song
To the one who brings peace:
This one’s for you

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Ashley Thomas is a an aspiring physician and writer who loves Bikram, running, and books.