Angry Black Woman

by Nancy Laws

The call us angry
Dark brown, coils so tight the wind holds back
slim waist on wide hips
all this goodness
angry black woman

244 years in physical shackles
to embrace mental ones
society forges walls between us
leaving our black men incarcerated for killing each other
and our women mad
because while their men fill up the majority of prisons
the are struggling to raise boys into better men
There's a reason they say
A woman cannot raise a man

The black brothers who do escape the streets
embrace the media's portrayal, of the negative, greedy, black woman
using the lost and naive among us to blow up this negativity
with video girls who have little to no self respect
a small percentage of our community
Female mc's become our mouthpieces
selling fake asses and pussy like water
while our daughters buy into the shit
like thirsty Sahara children chugging
down the bull again and again

Do I sound angry?
I am angry
The angry black woman
Tired of watching my community destroy itself
from the inside out

Our own ignorance
At the state of my people
A lost generation
No ambition
Driven by a hip hop community
Scouring the names of those who marched
for our freedom
Broken marriages
proud side pieces
flaunting on social media
satisfied with the position of home wrecker
'God forbid'
But I am the one with the problem
The angry black woman
Dark brown, coils so tight the wind holds back
Slim waist on wide hips
all this goodness
Angry black woman