Evolution: Why Relationships Ain't What They Used to Be

by Brenda's Child

They say relationships used to last
Because everyone knew their place
Position and role
While that may be so,
It still didn’t mean a woman wasn’t betrayed
Cheated on, or deceived,
And maybe she did stay because it was love,
But probably more so
because she knew “her place.”
Her man was her provider,
so she had no other choice.

It still didn’t mean she wasn’t abused,
It just wasn't anyone's business,
And maybe she needed to be reminded
of “her place.”
And of course she stayed.
Her man was her provider,
 so she had no other choice.

They say women knew how to be women
 Cooks and mothers
 Nurturers and baby makers.
 Five or more was the norm,
 Not the exception.
Wasn’t a choice,
 It was a duty.

Balance was unnecessary,
 Because a career outside the home,
  Multiple college degrees,
 Were unthinkable,
  Untouchable, not a part of the routine.

They say things have changed,
many think for the worse,
Women are too independent;
 they won’t let men be men,
What’s really so different from back then…
  Is today we have choices and OPTIONS .

Brenda's Child is the self-proclaimed diva on a mission to inspire and save lives.  Born Latoya Bosworth, she dubbed herself Brenda's Child  at the age of 21, in honor of her late mother Brenda Kay Swinton.Brenda's Child continuously spreads her message of H.E.R.S - health, empowerment, resiliency, and self-worth in workshops, as keynote speaker, in print and on stage.