for sisters who fear their own magnificence: a poem

by Jacquese Armstrong

our granite magnificence
has been marked
by the Most High

mildly put
we are blinded
--cloudy limitations
that never passed our grandmothers’
intimidated by stalking shadows of park and madison/
garner our self-obsessed mirrors
‘cause that’s the tv series they want us
starrin in
when no one had
cupboards cobweb bare
much golden magnificence swiftly poured
(intricate color stained quilts
always made from life’s leftovers)

wit and wisdom
flowing from the ever-revolving infinitely faceted
diamond Mind
given me
inebriation of blue emotional prowess
as i transcend
favoring Higher priorities
Spirit filled intellect
can never be caged by mockery

ancestors spit on
grey groveling servitude forced
bulldozed to beneath
those who sought to build their castles higher
using our ancestors as brick mortar and mortgage/
‘cause heads rose to clouds
to Heavens
and others
lifted in hand held blue sky ascension

Divine gifts
against empty pockets/
this path
has been afforded us
trust in Him who gave us all Sight
and a gift

it is magnificence

spirit rich

it is our birthright.

Photo: Shutterstock

Jacquese Armstrong is a poet/writer/inspirational speaker residing in Central New Jersey. Her work has appeared previously in For Harriet Soar, in addition to Black Magnolias Literary Journal, BLACKBERRY: a magazine and Linden Avenue Literary Journal among others.