Daddy Dearest

by Crystal Haynes

Your little girl is born
Big brown eyes and a killer smile
She has your mouth
Yes, indeed, she’s your child

Ten little fingers, ten little toes
Did you make an appearance?
I guess she’ll never know…

Daddy Dearest

It’s time to make the Father’s Day cards
No one understands why this is hard
So she makes the card
‘X’ marks the spot because she doesn’t know…

Daddy Dearest

“Hello? Mommy, there’s a man on the phone.”
Mommy whispers, “It’s your father.”

Baby girl’s heartbeat quickens
Caught between anger and excitement

“What do you want for Christmas?” he asks
Baby girl answers “a video game”
Deep inside she screams “Where are you? Do you love me?”…

Daddy Dearest

It’s Christmas day and her friends bombard their trees
Shredding gift wrap like confetti

For baby girl this is Judgment Day
There’s been no calls, no visits

Barbies galore, tea sets and clothes
Oh but wait, there’s one more…

Could it be? A promise kept
But not from …

Daddy Dearest

Breasts and hips
Emotions and attractions
She likes that boy
He gives her joy…
Now but later uses her like a toy

Why did he do it?
She forgot she couldn’t ask …

Daddy Dearest

She’s grown up now
Cried her tears
Fought her fears
She knows Daddy Dearest is who he is
A man fighting himself

Internal warfare emoting hatred and unforgiveness
He hates himself for hurting who he loves
Somehow he just cannot rise above

Say a prayer for Daddy Dearest
One day we will love
One day we will rise above

The truth remains

A girl needs her Daddy Dearest but in this case
My case, Mommy Dearest is just fine!