Fireplace Mellow: Discovering the Fuel of My Existence

by Brenda Perryman

Entering my Prime,
I find that I’ve finally mastered the art
Of building a great fire in this old fireplace.
A flame that I can write by, reflect by.

For so many years
I couldn’t see the forest for the trees
As I searched for “OZ” on earth.
On what seemed like a never-ending quest,
I hunted for that special someone
With the heart to love me,
The brains to know it’s right,
And the courage to accept the responsibility.

I sit alone, by choice,
Because I’ve found all I’ve searched for.
I know that everything I need is within me.

See, I clicked my heels three times
And asked the real WIZARD
“To take me there.”

The fire mesmerizes my worn eyes
And I feel a peace I’ve never ever felt.
An inner simmering occurs as my soul brews.
Everything is mellow, so mellow.

To think that I once thought
That I could control the uncontrollable.
That I could reverse his negative traits and fears
By expressing the truth,
And taking him to the river of trust.
Instead I watched him rather fight than switch.
To this end I decided to do nothing, let go.
Suddenly, I discovered
That therein was the solution
To all my problems.

You see, I clicked my heels three times
And came to the realization
That “home” is within me.

The fire rages,
And so does my spirit.
Never have I felt more powerful
And in control of my fate.
I’m already home.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock