Super Woman?

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Don’t call me super woman,
I just do what I’m supposed to
Each day I do what millions of other women do
I try to fulfill dreams, and keep the house clean
Aim to take care of everyone else’s needs
But still make time for me.
Drop that last load of laundry before I go to sleep.
Decide even though I’m running late
That I need to sweep the kitchen floor
Because I can’t take looking at it any more.

Making the bed once a month
I’m just content the sheets are clean.
Checking emails while in the grocery store line
Always one more thing to do on my things –to-do list,
This is not super, exceptional, or outstanding,
It is life.

I’m not looking for glorification,
But a little appreciation goes a long,
Because day in and day out
I do what millions of other women do,
And what a small percentage fail to do,
This is why it appears I’m super
When really
I’m just doing what I’m supposed to

There’s no secret identity,
I’m a woman with many roles
Can’t change into tights and a cape quickly,
Because the bathroom is the only place I get privacy.
I don’t have X-ray vision, but I have women’s intuition,

I don’t have super human strength,
But I am strong,
The proof… I’m still striving,
And it’s not tremendous, or fabulous,
It is life.

And being a woman is super,
but I’m no super woman.

©2012 Brenda’s Child for Two-Two INK