queen/own your crown

 photo iStock_3944523_MEDIUM.jpg
by Jacquese Armstrong

don’t you let that tear
rob you
of your majesty
don’t let anything rob you
of your Joy
not that
solitary moment
that tries to introduce
not that glimpse of darkness
that tries to drive away
the Light

the solitary tree
naked will soon
be cloaked in green
and when the wind blows
it can
and when the Sun
beats down at times
know you can’t exist
without its Light

and if your dress is shabby
your shoes less than new
and you’re battle weary
and it obscures your view
cry a little smile
bathe in the Master’s Love

your magnificence
even in this time
you can carry

own your crown queen/
own your crown

though it be invisible
own your crown…

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Jacquese Armstrong is a poet/writer/inspirational speaker residing in Central New Jersey. Her work has appeared previously in For Harriet Soar, in addition to Black Magnolias Literary Journal, BLACKBERRY: a magazine and Linden Avenue Literary Journal among others.