man sonia sanchez swings (in tribute to a poet)

 photo 129614333.jpg
by Jacquese Armstrong

man she swings
and all i get is
medicated straight-laced vibes
that set the days in order
Sundays through

but she swings man
and the words
reverberate honeyed
silk soft to the touch
and the heavens pour
out blessings
when she rhymes

she swings intellect
she swings time
makes it inconsequential
she swings humanity
a syllable at a time
she swings
                  word music
         word music
word music

she swings
quite naturally
so could she ever teach us
to be
        to be
                to be
                        to be…
what ears hear
and words can’t describe.

yeah man

she swings.

Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Jacquese Armstrong is a poet/writer/inspirational speaker residing in Central New Jersey. Her work has appeared previously in For Harriet Soar, in addition to Black Magnolias Literary Journal, BLACKBERRY: a magazine and Linden Avenue Literary Journal among others.