An Ode: Poem

by Arielle Gray 

Our love is revolutionary
an evolutionary pattern, a bond 
so strong that society constantly, consistently 
insists that it does not exist

Our black love was God's first creation 
He looked at us and knew the divine summation 
of our parts 
knew that we'd build the foundations of nations 
that we'd 
rise from the arid sand 
and begin history 

You loving me 
is a rejection of the images white supremacy 
has spoon fed us since infancy 
Me loving you 
is a realization 
of the colonization of my mind 

It's me breaking free 
of these chains and restraints 
that kept me 
hating my own skin, 
my own melanin 
steeped in earth bound origins 

We exist 
despite all the myths 
that our type of love is extinct 

We exist 
as testaments 
to our people's strength 
we are meant to cement 
the notion that we are 

We are a partnership 
that's as bountiful 
as the earth awakening in spring 

We are 
what our ancestors dreamed up 
what they dreamed of 
We are 
that revolutionary 
Black Love

Photo: a katz /

Arielle Gray is an aspiring writer and poet. She's currently a freelance music journalist for the music website SoulBounce while working on her own original pieces. Check her work out at