Mr. Dependable: A Poem

by Ashante Guillaume-Salvant

Mr. Dependable, how’s it going?

Did you go to work today?

You work so hard, you have no time to play?

You’ve made sure the bills are paid, so we can lay in the shade.

Mr. Dependable, monogamy is your specialty.

When I look into your eyes, I’m that shining entity.

Because you console in me, and I know everything.

Your words are written in a block of stone.

There is no one else, I embody you by myself.

Mr. Dependable your reflection is so deep, you’ve weaved a wicked web of deceit.

I pick up the phone and it unfolds.

I depend of he, he depends on she.

That 9 to 5 includes pushing rocks on the block.

And even then it doesn’t stop.

Oh Mr. Dependable you’ve lied.

That’s not even your ride.

In the end there is still doubt and disbelief.

You’ve perfected the game and who’s to blame, for the misfortune.

For it has revealed…

there is a possibility that,

the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let me down, probably will.

My heart will be broken more than once, and each time it’s harder to heal.

I’ll break hearts too, I’ll try to remember how it feels.

To blame a new love, for things an old one did.

I’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and I’ll eventually release someone I once loved.

Mr. Dependable


Photo: Shutterstock

As a dedicated wife and mother, Ashante Guillaume-Salvant believes people grow when they are well loved and that all things are possible through reclaiming self-love. Connect with her via Facebook at My Bird's Eye View.