I Killed Him

by Tiara Phalon

i caught him

gazing at my daughter

as she play with the wind running through her hair

and the sun in her laugh, and the leaves in the spin of her hips

i caught him gazing…

for a second longer than what made me comfortable

there was something about the way his lips parted

how his tongue slithered

to moisten his mouth

in a way that could be confused with a smile

that alerted my bowels

of what kinda creature he was

there was something about the way he lingered at the park that day

that let me know he was to be my prey

i would make an example out of him

for my daughter

and all those that came before me

before i left i sashayed my femininity

and batted my eyes

in a way that men of his caliber

could not resist

he found power in conquering


and i

was willing

i gave him my number

made up lies about play dates

and things parents are suppose to talk about

at parks

but i was aiming for the dark recesses of his heart

he was a fool

the fool he thought i was

so i played the part

he would be a martyr

for all of his kind

and all of mine

about a month later


many “play dates”

I invited him in person

for a weekend retreat in the woods

I let him have his way

smiled on the outside

cried on the in

as he begged me to call him “daddy”

remembered he liked my woman parts “baby girl smooth”

I mounted him

rode him into submission

like any beast

you tire, before you slay

I watched him sleep for that of an hour

my body and the cock tails I’d served him

would keep him in a wet dream

i slipped my hands between his thighs

listened to him moan

then i wedged my dagger

in his femoral artery

and watched






on white sheets

I covered him and the house with bleach

saved the last for his eyes

made sure not

to leave a trace

put a fire

to the place

and the only thing i left behind

was a note

written in crayon

“this is for every man, who see the innocent as prey”

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos