Being Love

by Deborah McCreath-Akbar

Life lived in love is accessible to everyone
Whether sitting down or standing up does not matter
For it doesn’t care if your hair is kinky or straight
As long as you’re not filled with hate for the color of it’s skin

It asks no questions nor tells lies
Only seeks to fill your perimeters with the joy
That can never come from the things you have to buy
The first victim appears in the mirror which we have ignored

By painting it with makeup dyes or insults
Because the halls of education were filled with clicks of un acceptance
being given bad advice by wounded adult children seeking approval
For higher statuses given by superiors not taught by love

Competing for unfilled spots in buildings covered with Ivy
The goal was never happiness just homes in secluded places
never showing their real faces filled with the pain of lost time.

Dreams of peace never reaching their divided souls
because reaching success didn’t begin with love.
PRINCIPLES are pushed aside in favor of paper
relegated to business only on Sundays with degrees of fear

Pushed upon its members who must love the son before themselves
picketing humanity to release the love within
So suffering can become healing with whole members
who can see and feel the beauty of their lives

Without labels or judgment filled with loves’ ideas
These thoughts will become the words that shape the minds
of future selves hugged by the arms of love
designing a society to express the love that surrounds us all.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock