Sexed Emotions

by Shantel Perry

Do not lay in bed with emotional strangers, do not show a man the nakedness of your soul, the shadows of your insecurities or the richness of your oddities if you fear he will fail to see the beauty in your difference. It is very easy to take your clothes off and lay with someone that you think you know, or who you believe knows you. But it is difficult to be raw with someone, to remove the masks that you hide behind, that you feel allow for your belonging. If you fear that he won’t like you, if you fear that he will run, if there is a sliver of doubt in your mind that he will shudder at the uncut roughness of your imperfect humanity, do not lay with him. Allow your physicality to fulfill both his and your desires, but keep the sanctity of your thoughts and emotions to yourself. That kind of beauty is not to be shared with those who won’t appreciate the captivity that is found within its distinctness.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock