Don't Be Like That: A Woman's Dating Frustration

by Timisha Dixon

I was just wondering
Whether I was the only one out there,
who has ever experienced
this deep, dark, annoying,
itching pain
I'm experiencing
Right now.

I was wondering
if anyone else hates the expression,
“Don't be like that!”

Excuse me?!!
Don't be like what?
Don't be human?
Don't have feelings?
Don't have a sense of self-worth?
Don't have expectations?
Don't expect to get the same love,
that you give in return?

How can you expect me not 'to be'
When my love is all I have,
and my time I continuously give
and I can never get it back by the way!
And if you wish of me,
not 'to be' this way
Then far fucking away from YOU
Is where I need to stay!

Because every time I give you something
You squander it away
Every moment of my time is priceless
And for that, you must pay!

Pay me with attention,
compliments and consideration.
If you can't afford to invest
Stand in another line
and please,
fill out another application.

Cause my requirements are non-negotiable
and yes I'm worth the wait.

Can't seem to find the time for me?
Then this girl,
you just won't date.

I'm not accustomed to bullshitters
and men who waste my time.
I finished with shit like that years ago
and I will sit alone,
to avoid that type of suffering
It has suited me just fine.