Heart vs. Mind

by Antionette Latrese

Slowly but surely
Am I realizing that this isn’t gonna work
I kind of find it surprising 
That I’ve been sacrificing my worth
Just to keep you around
When all you’ve done lately
Is kept me down
For the past 2½ years
We’ve gone around and around
On this excruciating rollercoaster
I’m quick to say I’m over it
But never bold enough
To say 
It’s over
Because if I did
I’d have been lying
But I’ve reached my breaking point 
And I’m tired of crying 
Myself to sleep every night
Continuously praying to God
For everything to be alright
I can’t afford to stay
When my life’s on the line
Because every single time 
I find myself 
At war 

With my heart and my mind

Hailing out of Northern California, Antionette Latrese is a 22-year-old journalism major with an affinity for music and words. You can currently find her building her clips at RESPECT-Mag.