by Denele D. Biggs
I’m stagnant,
Stuck in this awful space.

Your stance is unwavering.

I keep pushing, forcing energy, through the days and nights to get to your face
And I want to wrap you in the essence that originates from me.

Your intellect intimidates me.

How can we coexist, if you don’t even know that I exist?
My apologies if I continue to persist but it’s you I can’t resist.

Your passion fascinates this.
I’m being aggressive to conceal my timidness.
You are my blessed assurance that is endless.
With you I have discovered a love that is infinite.
You could set sail a thousand ships and I am waiting to enlist.

You have a boundless willingness.

I want to be your protector and I’m ready to defend this.
I’m saving myself for you, and I’m trying to claim my investment.
Your professionalism is effervescent.

I am asking if we can stop accusing self-reliance.
I’m letting Him take control and I am in repentance.

Your drive is charismatic.

You with me is how I will end this.
Hopeful that He will answer my kneemail as I pray this.
I am far from finished but I want to initiate this union between you and me so that we can be.
But it’s a fact that you intimidate me.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Denele D. Biggs is a writer from/residing in Pittsburgh, PA. She is currently in the process of working on several writing projects. For more information, visit or follow her on twitter, @deneledbiggs