There I Be

 photo black_woman_sad.jpg
There are these fears

That I won’t be seen

That I be too fleshy

for “pretty” to escape your

lips and land on my ears

That I be too nappy

for you to run your hands across

my scalp and your smile still exist

That I be too wordy

for you to get comfortable

in my presence

That I be too much

for this world and I’ll be

swallowed up and never

spit out.

It is in this fear

That the becoming


It is my words,

my flesh

my naps

that I live

and breathe

to give you me.

That, yes I am too much

much love,

much life,

much free.

Hold on for when

My winds blow

You will be uprooted.

And if you survive

there won’t be any more


-Zainab Karim