For Those Who See NO COLOR

 photo proudbw.jpg
Born in BROWN and shaped in the BRONZENESS of Africa
Same as born in sin and shaped into iniquity
My color is BOLD
What do you mean you cannot see it?

I am the jaguar of Nile Valley
GOLD runs thru the quickening of my veins
Daughter of Osiris and Isis.
I am strength like bark root.
Feet level and unnerved.

The unknown daughter of slave Solitude.
The fight of Assatta
Backlash blues of Nina Simone
Hardness of The General Harriet Tubman.
And the infectious wailing of Mahalia Jackson.

Can you not hear the dialect?
of Brother to the night
and Sister to the moon.
I am blankets of cool CERULEAN skies.
Touching the fingertips of Father Jesus
Sporadic and combustible dyes backdrops blinding the eyes.

MAHOGANY sunsets for the ORANGE sun.
My color is STANDING
What do you mean you cannot see it?
I am bruised fruits
Representing the soiled fingers of: Uncles who worked theirs to the bone
Aunts who weren't shy of the practice

Constant shuffling hues of colorful patterns
Bursting at the seams of bland and boring.
NO! See ME as vibrant blasts of eclectic mixes of electric GREENS & REDS.

View my people as astonishing splashes.
My color is BLINDING
What do you mean you cannot see it?

- Sista Big